Guesthouse Bed & Breakfast in the Algarve - Gato Preto de Silves
Food & Dining

Mediterranean at its best!


A breakfast buffet awaits you each morning with a range of freshly-baked breads, traditional portuguese pastries, fresh orange juice, traditional handmade cheeses and the best quality cured meats, along with newly laid eggs from our neighbors hens, cooked to your liking.

Breakfast is served on a panoramic terrace overlooking the valley from 9.00 to 10:30 a.m. If you like to laze in your bed or wake up very early in the morning for a walk, we offer the room service “Breakfast in Bed” for a small extra, so that you can enjoy your breakfast from 7:30 to 12:00 a.m., served on your private terrace.


If you decide to spend a Day Out or some time on the beach, take one of our lunch packages. We’ll pack a range of gourmet foods and drinks of your choosing along with everything you need to enjoy them, a refrigerated backpack and a pic-nic quilt!

our lunch menu

You can choose from a wide range of sandwiches and fresh salads to take away. Local cheese with cured meats or the fabulous serrano ham from our neighbors in Sevilla.

Lunch info


Our Lunch Package for two people includes:

  • Two sandwiches or two salads
  • Two bottles of water and two cokes or two beers
  • Two fresh fruit salads
  • A refrigerated backpack

Our Selection of wines

Portugal offers a wide range of excellent wines. From the light, refreshing and fruity whites of the north west of Portugal known as “Vinho Verde”, to the light-bodied, tangy and fruity reds from the vineyards along Portugal’ windy Atlantic coast. Our wine list is completed by italian, french and argentine wines that perfectly pair the fish and meet from the Algarve. If you are a wine lover, there are two vineyards very close to our property that offer a guided tour and excellent wine tasting experience.

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Our desserts

Refreshing and delicious home-made Sorbets are the specialty of the Gato Preto de Silves. Mango, peach, watermelon and much more fruit sorbets are the best dessert to cool you off during the hot summer months of the Algarve. To look further into our sorbets and receipts, follow the link below.

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Porto & dessert wines

Several styles of Porto wines, together with many Algarvian liquors like Medronho and Carrobs spirit will complete your dinner. If you love Porto and want to know more about the varieties and characteristics,click the button below.

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From the Honesty Bar

Next to the pool a fully stocked refrigerator with beers, wines and fresh fruits salads is available 24 hours a day on a self-service base. Just leave the money in the safe deposit box and enjoy your drink by the pool!


Pasta with fish and vegetable in season


Artichoke Soup with Scallops
Caprese with tomatoes and mozzarella

Main Dish

Zucchini Lasagne
Smoked Salmon with Ginger


Pineapple with Basil Sorbet

Linguini à la Portuguesa & “Salmorejo”

Carpaccio of Smoked Tuna with Citrus Dressing and White Celery
“Salmorejo” with smoked salmon

Main Dish
Linguini with marinated anchovies, olives, capers and lemons
Squids and Shrimps Skewer

Celery & Lemon Sorbet