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Best 2015 events&festivals in the Algarve

Our 2017 selection of the best markets and festivals in the ALGARVE

Here at our Bed & Breakfast Gato Preto de Silves, we try to inspire our guests with the best advices, suggestions and intersting ideas for a day out in algarve, to get only the best out of your holidays in algarve.

Alcoutim Handcrafts and Ethnology Fair – June (8th -9 th)—Pego Fundo Beach in Alcoutim
It’s known to be one of the best handcrafts fair of the Algarve: around 60 artisans take part-not only selling their work, but also showing guests how they create it.
A variety of regional delights, like honey,cheeses, teas and liquors will be available, and the event will also feature an ethnographical exhibition of the region’s rural customs and traditions.
As always, there will be ‘tasquinhas’ serving local delicacies and an entertainment programme showcasing traditional Portuguese music. The fair starts at 4pm on Saturday.

12th CATAPLANA EXPERIENCE—Almancil – June (1st to 30th)
Work shops and cooking settings are open to everyone willing to better know the recipes from the best it-Chefs in Portugal and their secrets mixing innovation and tradition, which is perfectly represented by the ‘Cataplana’, the most traditional device in the Portuguese gastronomy.
For those who don’t know, a ‘cataplana’ is a mouth-watering stew cooked in a copper clam-shaped bot.
The festival is also aimed at promoting Almancil’s restaurants that participate to the ‘cataplana event’ encouraging visitors to try this regional delicacy.

Festival do Medronho e Feira do Presunto—-Monchique – Last week of July
This event is dedicated to this regional fruit from which is made the popular liqueur that each producer will kindly offer you to taste.
The locals are very proud of it, first of all, because of each family keeps it secret their ‘know-how’ and because lots of attentions are required, from picking the fruits to fermentation (in wooden barriques) until the distillation made in copper alambiques heated on wooden fire.

SILVES MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL 10 days long between 2nd August and 15th August
A must do event in a wonderful setting! The event aims to recreate the magical atmosphere of living in Silves in the Middle Ages: tournaments and traditional games, handcrafts and gastronomy are is the most of the event. For further details, find more on our page dedicated to Silves.

FESTIVAL DO PERCEVE— August (third weekend) – Vila do Bispo (Pavilhào da Escola Basica)
This fair is an amazing event for the shellfish lovers, but also a great chance to taste this excellent seafood: goose barnacles. Its ocean flavour is something you would die for!
The organisation is managed by ‘Associaçao dos Marisqueiros de Vila do Bispo’, who are very proud to offer very fine quality seafood, which is a gem of the local gastronomy.

August (19th to 28th August) FATACIL —-Lagoa
This huge fair takes place every here in Fatacil at the Fairs and Exhibition Park.
It’s the biggest fair in the Algarve about everything this region is able to offer, from handcrafts, touristic services, agriculture and regional industry and this makes it interesting, for both holidaymakers, locals and people moving to Algarve to live (and they’re steadily increasing lately).
Entertainment and gastronomy every day, from morning to midnight.

FESTIVAL DA BATATA DOCE—–Aljezur – End November

A very nice fair takes place at the beginning of December, celebrating a star of regional pastry: the sweet potato.
The ‘batata doce’ from Vicentine Coast is a high quality produce, guaranteed by the IGP label and has great reputation among estimators.
Enjoy an extraordinary atmophere with a delicious smell of baked or fried potatoes rising and spreading all around, within an unconventional frame of Algarve, during the fall, when the days are sunny, but not hot.
Experience a traditional fair, where the families used to go to buy some ‘doce de batata doce’ to eat on the go and meet people in the streets, which reminds us of past times.


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