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Fall in the Algarve... what to do in September and October

Fall is coming in the Algarve, but the sunshine is still here. Some of the best months in the Algarve are the “out of season” months, when the crowds have lessened and all that the region has to offer can be enjoyed at a much more relaxed pace with better temperatures for sightseeing and activities.

During the last 5 years, running our B&B Gato Preto de Silves, we selected 5 ideas for a day-out to spend during Fall season in the Algarve.
If you are missing the sun and the blu sky, following are some ideas of things to do in the Algarve during September and October:

Rota do Petisco

From September 5th to the 12th, the fourth edition of the Rota do Petisco will bring several novelties, with an increased number of participants and a greater geographical coverage.
This year the towns are: Portimao, Silve, Alvor, Mexilhoeira Grande, Ferragudo and Praia da Rocha.
If you like the Spanish style food TAPAS, this is the best way to try several restaurants in the Algarve during the same night, walking from one to another, at a very low price.
The Formula is very simple: 2.50 euros for a drink + a “petisco” (small portion of a dish, similar to spanish Tapas). About 125 restaurants are involved in this event, offering each one a different Petisco to try. You can discover all the Petiscos and affiliated restaurants following this link:
Just select the “Estabelecimento” that means the “Zone” in the Algarve you are closer, and then look into the Petiscos and all useful infos about the location, timetable, etc…

Birdwatching Festival

The 5th edition of “Sagres Birdwatching Festival & Nature Activities” will take place between 2nd and 5th of October 2014. Mark these days in your calendar and don’t miss this great event. The Festival enables participants to take advantage of all sorts of activities linked to nature, with a special emphasis on birds. The event is in its fifth year and aims to attract those interested in the birds and the nature of the Algarve region. The event is organised by the Vila do Bispo council, bird organisation SPEA and nature conservation body, ALMARGEM.
This year, the bird to look out for is the Subalpine Warbler (sylvia cantillans) which despite not being the most abundant migratory bird over Sagres, is one of many species of migratory birds during the late summer and early autumn. The big draw for many will still be the storks, eagles, vultures, hawks and other soaring birds in the sky above Sagres.
Many serious ‘birders’ as they are called, also will visit the Salgados area near our Bed & Breakfast “Gato Preto de Silves”, where the newly adapted lagoon is starting to attract visitors in good numbers.
You can find all the useful infos at this link:
Here is the promotional video of the Birdwatching Festival in Sagres:

Festival do Perceves

From 12 to 14 of September, the small village of Vila do Bispo, near SAGRES, welcomes all seafood lovers: the star is the Perceves, know as Goose barnacles, also called stalked barnacles or gooseneck barnacles. LAPAS are also one of the various types of seafood that you can eat at the Festival.

For more infos click here:

Wine Harvest Experience at Herdade dos Grous

Wine harvest time comes early to Portugal and this September VILA VITA Parc’s country estate, Herdade dos Grous in the Alentejo region, invites guests to learn the wine-making process during the harvest, as well indulging in some tasting of the celebrated wines.

The Wine Harvest Experience includes a walk through the vineyards and have a guided tour of the wine cellar where they will learn the winemaking process. This is followed by a special harvest-inspired tasting lunch, prepared by Chef Rui Prado, where the traditional flavours of the food are complimented by the refined Herdade dos Grous wines, including Moon Harvest, 23 Barricas and Reserva.
The harvest day includes:
 9am – Arrival at Herdade dos Grous
 10am – Departure to the vineyards to participate in the picking of the grapes
 11am – Light picnic in the countryside
 12:30pm – Guided tour of the Wine Cellar to experience the winemaking process, from the arrival of the grapes to the cellar
 13:15pm – Wine tasting lunch

Prices for the Harvest Day start from € 75 per person. It is valid Monday to Friday during September 2014. Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.
Herdade dos Grous is situated in the Lower Alentejo plain, near Beja, just over a hour drive from VILA VITA Parc, among olive groves, cork oak forest and 70 hectares of vineyard. The property is the perfect place for relaxing, being in contact with nature and learning more about horse breeding and animal farming, wine and olive oil making or organic farming. The estate has 1,729 acres, 73 are dedicated to top quality wine production and the remains to the bio-horticultural production, olive yard, farming and cattle raising (certified ‘Alentejana’ breed) and champion jumping horses. The farm has an infinity swimming pool, a restaurant, a wine bar and a beautiful lake.
Herdade dos Grous also offers a wide choice of experiences such as: guided tours around the farm by foot, mountain biking, quad-biking, horse-riding, tractor or even hot air balloon rides. On the lake guests can enjoy rowing, canoeing and paddle boating, fishing and bird watching.
For bookings contact: Tel: +351 284 960 000

Walking on the VIA ALGARVIANA (Algarvian Way)

September and October are some of the best months for a nice walk to discover the Inland Algarve.
The Via Algarviana, a walking and cycling track of about 300 km, crosses from East to the West the Algarve region, and is the longest walking route of the region. Split in 14 sectors of about 15-30 Km each, allows you to discover a very rustic and authentic portugal, crossing little villages called “aldeias” in portuguese and showing an unexpected variety of beautiful plants and animals.
In our previous article we described the route in detail, just follow this link to find all the useful infos about the track:


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