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Bird Watching in the Algarve

The coastal strip is the preferred place of migration for thousands of birds from dozens of different species. Hundreds of thousands of sea and coastal birds (gannets, shear- waters, sandpipers, plovers and terns), birds of prey (eagles and harriers), small birds (swallows, pipits, warblers, thrushes and shrikes) cross over our territory twice a year, flying between their breeding grounds in Europe and their winter stays in Africa. Birdwatching in Portugal is also made easier by the relatively small size of the country itself, the quality of its road network, its mild climate and its high level of public safety.

Birdwatching MAP of the ALGARVE: click here

Here in the Algarve, there are many experienced international and local guides with different styles of birdwatching. Someone favours an approach that concentrates on obtaining satisfying views of the species at hand at a comfortable pace. Some might prefer to focus on seeing the maximum number of species possible, others could be keen to complete a list of elusive target-species that they would like to see. Many birders have an avid interest in seeing other wildlife and flora and may even want to make a special effort to see a rare orchid or a butterfly, for example. In your room you’ll find a pocket birdwatching guide for your self-guided tours or just ask us to book for you a daytrip with one of the experienced guides.