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Algarve Horse Riding


O Gato Preto de Silves is just located in front of the Country Riding Center of Silves.

As you can see from their website, the Riding Center is one of the most well established and high quality riding center in Algarve, in terms of both horses and facilities.

The Country Riding Centre provides for all levels of riding ability and all ages.

It also provides for all tastes, be it a gentle hack through the scenic hillsides with magnificent views across Silves to the Monchique Mountains, Portimão and beyond, or a gallop along the almost forgotten tracks through orange and lemon groves and eucalyptus forests, or even a swim on horseback in the lake.

For younger children, they have a pony walk which passes through the orange and lemon groves, across the streams, passing all types of animals and interesting things to see along the way. For older children and those who enjoy a leisurely stroll taking in the surroundings, they have an hour’s hack, which takes you to the top of the Silves hills where there are panoramic views.

For the more experienced riders and those who enjoy a bit of speed, they have a two hour hacks with two different levels. The first is a medium hack with canter, the second an experienced hack with gallop.

For those that really want to kick back and get away from it all, there is also the option of a half day ride up to the lake, with a picnic included.

Martina, who has been involved with horses all her life, is the chief instructor. She first qualified as a riding instructor in Holland several years ago and specialised in teaching children. Martina is also a doctor’s assistant so takes care of first aid.

There are a variety of lessons to choose from, starting with a lesson on the lunge line for young children or the not so confident. Then there are the half hour private lessons, aimed at the confident beginner right through to accomplished rider. No matter how good a rider you think you are, there is a guarantee that you will have developed at least one bad habit along the way, so these lessons are ideal to straighten that out or to perfect your position.

Pricelist 2013

Per Lesson
Pony Walk (30 minutes)


Lunging/Beginners Lesson (20 minutes) € 25,00
Beginners Hack 1 Hour (walk/trot if possible) € 35,00