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Best Beaches in Algarve

Best Beaches in Algarve

The 20 Best Beaches in Algarve

After many years and many holidays in the Algarve, we carefully selected twenty among the Best Beaches in Algarve to suite every taste and different needs of our guests.

We put all the information you need about services, access, beach activities and directions inside a practical brochure that you can take with you during your stay. All coupled with our complimentary GPS, so that you’ll never miss the beach you are looking for, even the most hidden and secluded. We organized the best beaches in Algarve in four main categories to allow a better choice: wild, romantic, family and picturesque.

To check the list of the Blue Flag in the Algarve follow this link: BLUE FLAG IN ALGARVE

Wild beaches

They offer the most wild and powerful landscapes you can find in the Algarve. You have to be well organized and bring your own (we prepare every day tasty launch to take with you all packed in a comfortable refrigerated backpack) for they offer no services, no restaurants nor beach activities (except surf school of course…). If you are looking for peace and nature, head to one of these beaches to admire spectacular spots, clear waters and golden sand dunes.

Romantic & Secluded

Are less frequented beaches, lovely sheltered, sandy bays, which will leave lovers with unforgettable moments and romantic sunset promenades. If you are looking for tranquillity go to one of these beaches. Mostly of this category are set in small, charming coves and are surrounded by high cliffs that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. A romantic day cannot be completed without an unforgettable walk with view of the sea, taking in the reflection of the sun on the water, the cliffs or the spectacular shades of the sunset.

Family beaches

The Algarve is the region with the most beaches in Portugal, offering excellent family holidays throughout the year. In an irresistible invitation to relax, many beaches offer ideal conditions and activities for the whole family: encouraging fun walks, discovering hidden treasures, building sand castles, swimming or taking advantage of the wide range of entertainment facilities. To meet the high and demanding standards necessary to ensure water quality, safety and environment management and protection, the Algarve keeps its sea water clean and its beaches pollution-free, making it a top destination for quiet and enjoyable holidays.

Pictoresque beaches

Offering glorious and beautiful fine sand, these beaches have also something special to offer: could be a little fisherman village, an hidden gem restaurant or something surprising to visit that makes these places so specials.


The best wild beach in Algarve: Praia da Bordeira

“For a rugged beach experience and three glorious kilometers of uninterrupted sand”

Sitting on the mouth of the Ribeira da Bordeira, the praia features limestone cliffs and extensive sand dunes that spread inland to Carrapateira village. It’s an exposed (often windy) place, but has good waves, popular with surfers. The surrounding cliffs are popular among foolhardy fisherman who teeter hundreds of meters above the ocean to hook their lunch.

Beach Facilities

  • Parking: easy
  • Reduced mobility: No
  • Blue Flag: yes
  • Lifeguard: yes (from July to October)
  • Toilets and Shower facilities: no
  • Restaurants: only one called O Sitio do Rio
  • Activities: surf school


The most Romantic & Secluded beach in Algarve: Praia da Marinha

“Fantastic views and walks over the cliffs”

This is one of the more secluded beach in the Algarve. Is a good-sized shape and at low tide you have the choice of several little bays. However when the tide is high, access to these may be limited. From July to September there are lifeguards who will tell you at what time the tide will be high. The water quality and clarity here is exceptional, making Praia da Marinha ideal for snorkeling.

How to get there

The beach is very easy to find: turn off the EN 125 at the International School at Lagoa and simply follow the signs.

Beach Facilities

  • GPS: lat 37°5’24.18″ N – long: 8°24′ 45.65″ O
  • Parking: easy. Big free parking at the top
  • Reduced mobility: No
  • Blue Flag: yes
  • Toilets and shower: there are toilets and shower inside the beach bar
  • Restaurants: there is a beach bar at the entrance to the beach downstairs. Offer is limited.

The best Family beach in Algarve: Praia da Rocha

“Spotting Rocks, funny Caves to explore and lots of facilities”

If your idea of paradise is pristine sand that seems a mile deep dotted with sun umbrellas and lapped by a beautiful blue sea – this is the place for you. A perfect spot to unwind on a beach holiday with the whole family. Many shops, restaurants beach cafes and facilities are just a step away from the beach. A nice boardwalk and lovely walks through the caves or spotting rocks in the water are a must!

Beach Facilities

  • Parking: easy
  • Blue Flag: yes
  • Lifeguard: yes from July to October
  • Toilets and Shower facilities: Yes
  • Restaurants: many restaurants. Our preferred one is Titanic Restaurant. Service is attentive and food above average.
  • Activities: lot of activities, just make your choice!


The most “Pictoresque” beach in Algarve: Praia de Salema

“An old fishing village with the best fish restaurant ever experienced in the whole Algarve “

Salema is an old fishing village situated on the Western Algarve Portugal around 65 miles (100 km) west of Faro. Salema has a beautiful clean beach surrounding by ochre cliffs. The village center is small with a cobbled square and parking area. There are a few small shops and our favourite fish Restaurant in the whole Algarve called “O’Lourenço”. It is just few meters from the beach when you turn the corner going up to the new part of Salema town.

When you first arrive at Salema’s cobbled square you will most probably be greeted by a friendly Portuguese fisherman wearing thick glasses who will ask you if you require a room for the night. He’s been doing this for years and even if you say no, he will probably not remember your face and subsequently continue to ask you every time you see him!

Beach Facilities

  • Parking: Easy
  • Reduced mobility: Yes
  • Blue Flag: Yes
  • Lifeguard: yes from June to October
  • Toilets and Shower facilities: Yes
  • Restaurants: O Lourenço!
  • Activities: Paddle boat, kayak renting

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