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5 reasons NOT to hire a car with low cost companies like GOLDCAR or DRIVE4LESS

Here they are the 5 reasons NOT to hire a car with low cost companies like GOLDCAR or DRIVE4LESS

1) They say they don’t accept an excess waiver insurance made with another company (through rental brokers or insurance companies). Their agents always try to sell you their own insurance (super aggressively) saying that your insurance is not acceptable as it would not pay out if you had an accident. This is completely false, it’s just a way to sell you an extra-policy.

2) They provide the car with a full tank (like many other companies do), charging you extra 70/80 euros (about 55/65 pounds) but they say to you 3 times that you MUST return it the emptiest possible. Only they fail to mention that they filled it in at a rate 20% to 35% more expensive that the rate you’d get at the gas station down the road..So Don’t believe their lying employees that its best for you the return the car empty. ITS NOT, IT IS A RIP-OFF!!!!

3) They block more then 1200 euros on your credit card as a “guaranty”. In case of accident or damages they will use this deposit to cover any damages and THEN, it’s up to you to get the money back. You will have to provide the rental companies with a load of proofs and papers…

4) In many airports (like Sevilla or Maiorca) they don’t have an office directly in the airport. You have to take a shuttle to the industrial zone of the airport to pick up the car but not before queueing for several minutes (sometimes more then 30 moinutes) to reach the single employee that is usually handling 10 rentals at the same time…

5) They will charge you extra 40 euros for any penalties/fines you should take during your hiring for “administrative costs”…


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